Scholarship Information

TCT is excited to announce the following available scholarships to our members.

TCT Board Scholarship – Availiable Soon!

Each year TCT’s Board of Directors awards six, one-thousand dollar scholarships to high school senior students whose parents or legal guardians are members of the Association. Students must completely fill out the TCT Scholarship Application Form, including signatures from their school counselor, school principal and legal guardian, and return it to the TCT Business Office, or mail it to TCT, Attn: Scholarships, PO Box 299, Council Grove, KS 66846

Students are eligible if their parents’ phone number begins with one of the following prefixes in the 785 area code: 257, 349, 366, 466, 479, 482, 497, 598, 949, 965, and 983.  In the 620 area code, phone numbers must begin with the prefixes of 924, 767 or 787.  Cellular phone numbers are excluded. Students must also have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and be planning to attend a four- year college, university, junior college, or trade school in the fall of 2020. Winners will be selected in a random drawing. Scholarship winners will be required to attend TCT’s Annual Meeting of Members in March for the official presentation of their scholarship. 

Foundation for Rural Service Scholarships

The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) offers an annual college scholarship program to help further higher education among rural youth. FRS awards a one-time $2,500 scholarship to students from rural America for their first year of college, university or vocational-technical school. 

TCT will only sponsor students whose parent or guardian are an Associate Member of the TCT Cooperative, Non-TCT Cooperative Members need not apply. TCT supplies $500 of the scholarship, with FRS funding $2,000 of the scholarship. The FRS College Scholarship Program seeks to encourage students to return to their rural communities upon completing their education.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must mail the scholarship to FRS, TCT will not mail your scholarship packet. You must have the signature of TCT’s CEO so please leave plenty of time to be able to bring the scholarship in to TCT to be signed, or call to make arrangements to have it signed prior to showing up at TCT’s Business Office, located at 1568 S. 1000 Road.

2019 Winners


Foundation for Rural Service Youth Tour Essay – Availiable January 2020

Every summer, the Foundation for Rural Services (FRS) Youth Tour brings together high school students from across rural America to visit our nation’s capital and learn about rural telecommunications. The tour provides a forum for teens to meet and interact with their peers from other rural communities, as well as, key legislative, regulatory and government figures. TCT sponsors one student each year. Students must submit a one page essay explaining why broadband is important to their rural community. 

D.C. Youth Tour Eligibility

  • Parent or guardian of student must be a current member of the TCT Cooperative, in good standing
  • Students MUST be high school students, age 16 or 17, and going into their Junior or Senior year of high school, at the time of the Youth Tour
  • Student must agree to take photos of tour and work with TCT Productions to create a video summarizing their experience
  • Student must agree to allow TCT to post tour photos on TCT’s social media pages


2018 Youth Tour Video 

For further information, please call Angie Schwerdtfeger at:
620.767.5153 or 800.362.2576, or email: