Catch all the action from the best seat in the house — YOUR HOUSE!

Grab a front row seat to all the excitement from title fights to world championships and extreme match-ups to college football.

Customers must call the TCT offices prior to activating the Pay-Per-View (PPV) service. Please call 620.767.5153 or 800.362.2576.


Renting Pay-Per-View Is Easy! Just follow the directions below:

  1. Using your remote, go to Channel 900 or 1900, then navigate using the remote arrows to highlight the pay-per-view event.
  2. Press “SELECT” to order the highlighted pay-per-view event.
  3. Enter your PIN to buy the pay-per-view event.
  4. After entering your PIN, press “BUY” – accepting the charges completes the transaction.

By adding access to pay per view events, I acknowledge that I am responsible for any charges for events access and/or scheduled from a set top box assigned to my location. If I exceed my purchase threshold, I will not be able to view any additional events until I pay the balance. Customers are responsible for setting and securing their purchase PIN on each set top box.


F: PPV purchase prices are NOT set by TCT.

F: Business customers cannot subscribe to PPV.

F: DVR cannot be used on PPV events.

F: TCT cannot offer promotions or incentives related to PPV programs.

F: TCT will receive approximately 2-months in advance a schedule of upcoming events.

F: PPV charges for events for which customer has purchased will not be applied to the account until the program has started, avoiding any issues due to cancelled purchases.

F: TCT will offer PPV events in both SD/HD. SD is channel 900 and HD is channel 1900. Customers are not required to subscribe to HD to purchase an event in HD.

F: Default PIN number is 0000. Customer must change the password on their STB.

F: Purchases can be made using the PIN as long as the customer has the required funds available against their charge limit.


Check out the upcoming events and grab a seat!