I am going to dig in my yard, do I need to call or do something first?

STOP, do not dig anywhere until you have contacted Kansas One Call or Dig Safe at 1-800-344-7233 or simply dial 811 to request a cable locate. This will cover not just the telephone lines but everything that is buried in the ground including electric and gas.

All of my services are out.

Check your battery backup unit. Make sure it is plugged in at all times and has power. The AC and Output lights should be green.

Landline Phone

When I call a phone number it tells me it is not in service.

Check to make sure you dialed the number correctly and be sure to use 1+ the area code if you are dialing a long distance number. If you still get the error give us a call and we can look deeper into the issue for you.

I have no dial tone.

First check to make sure your cord did not come loose from the phone jack. Second check other phones in the house if they are all out you might need to check your battery backup.

I have static or noise on the line.

Usually static is caused by a line break or corrosion. Check all phone jacks first for loose wires or plugs then give us a call.


My internet is running slow.

Reset your router by disconnecting the power for 90 seconds then powering it back on. Once it has fully powered on test your connection by going to and running a test there. If you are not getting close to your subscribed speed give us a call.

I cannot get internet on my wireless devices but my wired PC is working fine.

Reset your router then reset your wireless devices. If your Wi-Fi still does not work call Tech Support.

I have questions about Webmail.

To learn more out the TCT Webmail platform, click HERE.

Television | Video

How do I setup my NuGen TV service?

Visit our How-To Guides page and look for the “Television Guides” section. Click on the appropriate device link to setup your NuGen TV service.

How do I program my remote to my TV?

Visit our How-To Guides page and look for the “Remote Programming” section. Click on the appropriate link to program your remote.

When I press channel up or down on my remote it skips a huge number of channels and maybe says not subscribed.

Check your Favorites settings. Press the “FAV” button right above the number 2 on your remote and make sure that Subscribed or All channels is selected.

I turned on my TV and it is snowy or says "no signal".

Make sure you see a light on your Amino Set Top Box and your TV is on the correct input.

None of my TV's work!

Check the Comtrend box, a small black box about the size of a paperback book. Power cycle this box and check your TV’s again.

My remote does not seem to control the Set Top Box but is operating the TV fine.

Press the “STB” button in the upper right corner of the remote one time and try again.