Calling Features

Calling FeatureMonthly PriceCalling FeatureMonthly Price
Call Forwarding ServicesMessage Services
Unconditional Call Forwarding2.00Basic4.00
Busy Call Forwarding2.50Enhanced6.00
Delayed Call Forwarding2.50Deluxe9.00
Selective Call Forwarding2.50Reminder Call/Regular Reminder Call2.00
Remote Access to Call Forwarding2.00Multi-Party Call Services
Find Me/Follow Me2.003-Way Calling2.00
Caller ID ServicesCall Transfer2.00
Calling Name/Calling Number Delivery5.00Call Hold2.00
Calling Number Delivery Blocking0.00Call Waiting2.00
Automatic Recall2.50Call Waiting with Caller ID2.50
Automatic Callback2.50Cancel Call Waiting0.00
Incoming Call ServicesOutgoing Call Services
Selective Call Rejection2.50Speed Calling2.00
Anonymous Call Rejection2.50Mandatory Account Codes5.00
Telemarketer Call Screening3.00Warm Line2.50
Do Not Disturb2.00Teen Service4.00
Selective Call Acceptance2.50Conferencing ServiceCall for details
Priority Call2.50
A one time charge of $10.00 will be billed to install any of these features

900 Toll Block

In the last few years, the 900 number industry has skyrocketed into a billion dollar industry. You can dial 900 numbers to receive weather reports, stock quotes, health tips, etc. For the most part, 900 numbers are legitimate, and if you are willing to pay the charges associated with them, you can receive factual, fun or useful information.
The charges for 900 calls will be a flat rate per minute or a flat rate per call. Per call charges can be as high as $50. Therefore, please make sure that every family member is aware of the cost before making 900 calls.
Tri-County Telephone is no way connected with 900 service providers. We do not provide 900 numbers, nor do we set the charges associated with them. When you make a 900 call, charges are billed by the long distance carriers, and Tri-County Telephone is merely the collector.
If you do not want to be responsible for 900 charges on your telephone bill, Tri-County Telephone is able to offer 900 Call Blocking. This service will prohibit anyone from making a 900 call from your telephone. If you are interested in having this service, please contact our office.

Direct Distance Dialing

With Direct Distance Dialing (DDD), you can dial your own station-to-station long distance calls. To make Direct Distance Dialing possible, the nation has been divided into more than 120 geographic areas. Each area has its own three-figure Area Code.
You probably can obtain the area code of the place you are calling by checking the map in your telephone directory. If the map does not clearly show the area code you want, and it is not listed in the area code pages of your directory, call the operator and she will give you the area code.

Dial 0 (Operator) + Area Code + Telephone Number. When you have completed dialing, the Operator, will come on the line and ask pertinent calling information: [list style=”style1″]

  • Person-to-Person – State the name of the person you are calling.
  • Collect Call – State the call is collect and give your name.
  • Credit Card – Bill to third number and special billing. State the number to which the call is to be billed.

INTERNATIONAL DDD INSTRUCTIONS– Rates vary per country. Please call for rates.
Dial 011, the international access code for station calls (or 01 for operator-assisted calls):
[list style=”style1″]

  • Next the country code
  • Then the city code
  • The local number

If you don’t know the country or city code, or the local number, your operator can obtain it for you. After dialing any international call, allow at least 45 seconds for the ring to start.

Long Distance Directory Assistance – dial 1-area code-555-1212
Toll Free Directory Assistance – dial 1-800-555-1212

If you get a busy signal or if no one answers the telephone you are calling hang up and try the call a little later. No charge is made on uncompleted calls.

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