TCT is your local solution for the telecommunications services your business needs, combined with the advice and technical support to make it all work. Let us review the services you currently use and provide recommendations on how to improve your productivity and efficiency.

It’s a Connected World

Times are changing and TCT Business Solutions are here to keep you connected, every step of the way!
You have known us for years as a member owned local business that brings you unmatched local support and personal service.

Whether it is phone, Internet, networking, security, or the infrastructure to tie it all together, we are here to make a difference for you! Schedule a time with Doug Teetzen, our Business Solutions Technician. He would be happy to visit your business, discuss your specific needs, and help provide the best fit of solutions and services to help you experience the difference of TCT’s personal care.
Let’s get started!
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High Speed Internet

Always On, Always Connected!

Experience our speedy, reliable, and affordable Internet services that deliver the connected world to you over our all-fiber network. We are unmatched in the territories we serve!


Phone Service

Your phone service is the front-line connection to those around you!

Experience the safety and security of knowing your services are always up and running with dependable, local phone service from TCT on our reliable fiber network.


Calling Features

We know that one size does not fit al!. Let us bring you the experience you want!

We offer all the calling features you expect and allow you to pick and choose only what you need. Let us help you choose from our wide variety of calling features that can improve the efficiency and productivity of your business, large or small.

Long Distance

TCT is proud to offer your business long distance options that fit your communication needs. Let us help you experience the savings!

TCT offers competitive rates with a variety of plans for the business on the go.


Telephone Systems

Experience the right solution for your business telephone communications! It is essential to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing business climate. Let us help you! At TCT, our PBX and VOIP systems offer user-friendly, time-saving features for all your business needs.


Streaming TV

A lot is happening in the world today. Whether you want to keep up with it, or escape from it for a bit, we can help you experience TV in a new way!

Tune in to a wide selection of channels and get competitive pricing with TCT TV.

Get the channels you want for prices you can afford. Private and Public viewing options are available to our business customers.



Get all bundled up and experience the savings!

Call and let us help you save by combining your services in ways that help your bottom line.


Computer Sales

What you want and what you need.

Let us help you custom order your computer through TCT and experience our great support! With local service and technicians, we can help before, during, and after the sale.


Computer Services

Is your computer running slow? Do you have problems with viruses, adware or spyware? Get things tuned up and experience your computer the way it was intended!

Our knowledgeable staff can help you tackle any obstacle that can get in the way of doing business!



Experience reliability! Because in this world, everything is connected!

Today, more and more devices place bigger demands than ever on your business network, no matter your size. From the largest wired and wireless networks, to small businesses connectivity. We have the equipment and personnel to help you maintain reliable and speedy connection across all your devices.