Bundle & Save

“Build Your Own Bundle” with a combination of services that best fits your needs.
TCT is proud to provide all these services to save you time and money.

Simply choose any two or more of the following services in addition to TCT Telephone Service and enjoy discounted prices:

With your subscription to local telephone service choose any two or more of the following at the prices listed below:

ServiceRegular Price2-year AgreementMonthly Savings
100 Minutes of Long Distance$12.00$8.00$4.00
Unlimited Long Distance$29.95$24.95$5.00
25Mbps/12Mbps High Speed Internet$59.95$44.95$15.00
50Mbps/25Mbps High Speed Internet$69.95$54.95$15.00
100Mbps/50Mbps High Speed Internet$89.95$69.95$20.00
250Mbps/100Mbps High Speed Internet$119.95$99.95$20.00
500Mbps/250Mbps High Speed Internet$149.95$129.95$20.00
NuGen TV$138.95$124.95$14.00

Additional bundle options. Simply choose one of the Internet or NuGen TV options from above and add on one of the below services.

ServiceMonthly Price
WiFi Max$9.95
Tech Home Protect Plus$9.95
NuGen TV (Local Basics)$25.95
Nex-Tech Wireless cellular servicePrice Varies
Symmetrical Internet upload speed (must subscribe to 250Mbps or 500Mbps)$20.00

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