2021 TCT Annual Meeting Results

TCT conducted the business of the 2021 Annual Meeting of Members via mail in ballot. Ballots for Districts 2 & 3 Board of Director elections were mailed in mid-February, with completed ballots due by March 16th, 2021. A second ballot requesting a vote to approve the 2019 Annual Meeting minutes and financials, as well as bylaw changes, were mailed to all members the first week of March. The second ballot was due by March 29th, 2021.

Gary Smith was elected to the Board of Directors for District 2 and Luke Wingerd was re-elected to the Board of Directors for District 3. The 2019 minutes were approved, with a total of 798 “Yes” votes to 5 “No” votes. The 2019 financials were approved, with a total of 796 “Yes” votes to 9 “No” votes, and the proposed bylaw changes were approved, with a total of 782 “Yes” votes to 20 “No” votes. Members who submitted the second ballot, in the prescribe time, received a $5 credit on their account, and were also entered into a prize drawing. Winners of the $20 cash prize winners were: Kevin A. Leeper, Kenneth England, Jeremy Harmison, Brenda Davids, Ken Novak, Judy Evans, Barbara J. Fisher, Keith Wessel, Kane Hensley, and Family Shoe Repair.  $50 cash prize winners were: Holland Industries, Ted D. Ayres, Max Rumold, Deborah Leeds, Larry R. & Judy A. Sorenson, Larry J. Steiner, Dwight United Methodist Church, W.E. Schwartzman, Ronald Mueller, Kelley Judd, and Scott Riedy. $100 cash prize winners were: Cody Schlesener and Kathy Matkins. The $200 cash prize winner was Benjamin C. Beisel, and the TV winner was Lyle Reich. Those who voted are also eligible to pick-up an Annual Meeting gift bag at any of the TCT Solutions Centers.

The TCT Board of Directors Scholarship winners were: District #1 – Chancy Johnson, daughter of Chad and Janon Johnson, White City; District #2 – Claire Bankes, daughter of Sandie Axe and Scott Bankes, Council Grove; District #3 – Alyssa Espinoza, daughter of Jennifer and Jose Espinoza, Lincolnville; District #4 – Sophie Jones, daughter of Corey and Amy Jones, Abilene; District #5 – Kyra Blosser-Smith, daughter of Tabitha Blosser, Council Grove, and District At Large – Samantha Espinoza, daughter of Jennifer and Jose Espinoza, Lincolnville. Scholarships are drawn at random. They are given to graduating high school seniors who maintain a 2.5 GPA and have a parent or legal guardian with TCT local telephone access. A $1,000 scholarship is awarded for each of the five TCT voting districts, in addition to one “District At Large” scholarship from all remaining applications.

TCT would like to thank everyone who participated in the voting process. We are optimistic that we will be able to return to “in person” meetings in 2022, and hope many of our members will join us then!