Community Development and Giving

Select from the following options to request funding or donated items for your project/event. Please note it is not TCT’s policy to donate to events that benefit individuals, traveling sports or dance teams, political causes or private businesses.

TCT Donations

If your club, organization or school has an event that benefits the entire community please fill out one of the below online forms to make your request.

It is NOT TCT’s practice to give to individuals or causes that benefit one or a few individuals, such as traveling teams, dance teams and individuals soliciting funds to attend competitions.

Requests must be made through non-profit groups that work to benefit TCT’s certificated service areas. Documentation of non-profit status may be requested.

We ask that all requests be done online, but if you cannot complete the online form, please ask that one be sent to you by mail by contacting Angie Schwerdtfeger at 620-767-5153 or 800-362-2576.

TCT Bottled Water Donation

Bottled water requests are reserved for the support of special events that will enhance TCT’s certificated service areas.

Requests are limited to 6 cases per request.


Please indicate which TCT Exchange Area(s) will benefit from donation: 257 - 349 - 366 - 466 - 479 - 482 - 497 - 598 - 767 - 787 - 924 - 949 - 965 - 983

Advertising Sponsorship Requests

TCT’s commitment to service communities stretches far beyond offering broadband services to members and customers. Each year TCT makes contributions to numerous charities, civic and service clubs, and sponsors local events and school activities. If you are involved in a non-profit, community organization that is seeking advertising sponsorships from TCT, please click the above link for access to an online request form.

Community Development Initiative and Project Assistance Grant

For over 50 years TCT has offered the latest in communication services to its members. In 2009 TCT committed to further serve their members through the TCT Community Development Initiative. The initiative was designed to help promote healthy lifestyles for current members and businesses and support infrastructures that will attract new residents and businesses to TCT’s service areas. The initiative focuses on strengthen TCT’s member communities by providing assistance with leadership training, creating and growing community foundations, grant procurement and business development, for both new and existing businesses.

The TCT  Community Project Assistance Grant was created as a part of the initiative to nurture the growth and prosperity of TCT’s exchange communities, by supplying financial assistance. A subcommittee consisting of three TCT Board of Directors, and CEO, Dale Jones oversees the approval of grant submissions. If you are interested in applying for a grant, please click the above link for access to an online form.