Cybersecurity is a promising field. The average starting salary ranges from $89-98,000. However, most students and teachers do not understand what a cybersecurity practitioner does. It is important that students understand that cybersecurity jobs span the FULL spectrum of educational disciplines. Many jobs require only high school and technical certifications to get started, while others are enhanced by college and post college education. Research suggests that a passion for learning and real curiosity is more important for a career in cybersecurity than technical skills or knowing how to write code. So, not every cybersecurity job involves writing code! Instead, some jobs require knowledge about applications, the network, or operating systems.

FlagshipKansas.Tech is a non-profit, founded by technical entrepreneurs in Wichita. It is the organization’s mission to propel the tech sector within the state through continuous efforts in awareness, education, and the workforce. They are also working for a sustainable future in tech in Kansas, which they believe requires rethinking tech-ed. Flagship works with Kansas institutions to develop workforce training, education programs, and state policies that foster tech-ed. With the right moves in education, Kansas can buoy the growth of the tech sector.  You can learn more on their website:

Another resource for students is “Initiative for Cybersecurity Education” or (NICE). NICE is a one stop shop for cybersecurity career information, with resources and a Cybersecurity Workforce Framework resource that includes work roles and corresponding knowledge, skills, and abilities. also provides information about different entry-level jobs and suggests possible career pathways. There are also summer camps like those funded by GenCyber that require no prior cybersecurity knowledge or experience.

Those considering a career in Cybersecurity should also try to talk to someone who is performing a cybersecurity work role to learn about the day-to-day tasks, challenges and learn why they love their job!