Warmer weather is here, and with it comes outdoor living, barbeques, flower and vegetable gardens, and the simple satisfaction of an outdoor escape. And, while you relax on a lounger and soak up the sun or gather around a picnic table with family, your smartphone, tablet and other gadgets remain nearby ready to be used to make your outdoor adventure more fun. The problem is Wi-Fi coverage outside the home is usually spotty at best.

It is frustrating when you encounter interrupted connections, sluggish speeds and the ever-dreaded blind spots in outdoor areas. You may want to sit under a tree while engaging in social media, stream music while having dinner on your patio or even Google how to fix your lawn mower when it breaks down mid cut.

Having good Wi-Fi access is not something most people think much about, until they don’t have it. At TCT, we pride ourselves on keeping you connected. If you already utilize our Wi-Fi Max router, you know it offers an unbeatable in-home Wi-Fi experience, and now, the Wi-Fi Extender can expand that coverage to include your yard, garage, shed and more!

The Wi-Fi Extender is a simple-to-install solution for the interrupted service areas around your home. It accommodates multiple devices and has the ability to shift from a 2.4 frequency to a 5 frequency, allowing for more throughput on your wireless network. It makes moving from one device to another seamless. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi Extender is a TCT managed device and not one you must maintain.

We are here to ensure you have Wi-Fi access when you need it and want it. Let us make your spring and summer sun-sational with expanded Wi-Fi coverage. Give us a call at 800-362-2576, or visit a location near you!