Computers and the Internet offer many benefits but, they also allow cyber-criminals the opportunity to steal personal data and information. Cyber-criminals keep up with technology and are always coming up with new ways to exploit people. The more you are able to recognize the warning signs of cyber threats, the more you will be able to prevent them.

“Malware” is an all-encompassing term for the many forms of malicious software that is designed to disrupt, harm or takeover a computer system or steal data. It includes viruses and spyware that are secretly installed on your device, without your knowledge or consent, causing damage to the privacy and the security of your computer or mobile device. Malware allows cyber-criminals to capture your personal information in a variety of ways and secretly send it to identity thieves.

Computers and mobile devices are commonly infected with malware through email attachments, downloads, and the links within emails, instant messages, or pop-up windows.


  • Slow or sluggish performance
  • Computer crashes
  • Repeated error messages
  • Being automatically sent to websites you didn’t mean to visit
  • Involuntary reset to an internet homepage that cannot be undone
  • Being bombarded by pop-up ads or ads popping-up while your browser is not open
  • Seeing new icons on your desktop or finding a new toolbar added to your browser
  • Decreased battery life, interrupted or dropped calls and crashing on mobile devices

Malware can be hard to remove, so if you get a pop-up ad, receive a strange email or experience anything mentioned on this list, be sure to update your security software or run a security scan.

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