Unfortunately online scamming has been escalating nationwide. TCT has also experienced an increase in reports of scammers. These scammers are contacting people, primarily through their cell phones and email addresses, with recorded messages or pop up messages. The messages warn of computer issues or offer prizes. Please know TCT has not authorized any of these solicitations, and we strongly suggest that our customers do not participate.

TCT will always ask for a customer’s CPNI password before discussing any business related to a TCT account, including credit card or personal information. The CPNI password is required by Federal Law and has been put in place for the express purpose of protecting the customer.

TCT or Microsoft will NEVER open a window/pop-up on your computer stating the computer is at risk or infected with a virus.  TCT’s Computer Repair Professionals or Customer Service Technicians will only assist a customer once the customer has contacted them. TCT will only ask customers to contact us by calling 800.362.2576 or 620.767.5153, during regular hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

TCT will, from time to time, send out a survey or run a prize-winning promotion, but these events will be announced in the TCT newsletter, posted on TCT’s social media pages or a direct mail piece to customers’ home or business address.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to represent TCT, and you feel that they are misrepresenting themselves, do not talk to them or give them any information. Please feel free to call TCT to verify that a call or email is legitimate.