In September 2015, TCT and the communities they serve, were recognized as “Smart Rural Communities” by NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association. NTCA is a national association representing nearly 900 independent, community-based telecommunications companies. The Smart Rural Community award is part of the NTCA’s initiative to highlight efforts being made at the local level to provide access to and adoption of Broadband so that rural communities are vibrant places to live and do business. TCT is one of only 12 companies to receive this designation this year.

What is a Smart Rural Community? Broadband is fast becoming an essential service, much like electricity or water. In today’s global economy, access to and utilization of broadband can level the playing field for rural communities allowing them to compete with their urban neighbors. However, not all rural communities have made the investment in a Fiber Optic Network and they are facing serious economic challenges. Some communities have access to Broadband, but are not utilizing it to the fullest extent putting their communities at a disadvantage in competing for businesses and maintaining their population base. Smart Rural Communities have done both! They have made the investment in and maximize the opportunities of a strong broadband network. We have received this designation because the communities we serve have worked with us and have utilized TCT’s 100% Fiber Optic Network to encourage economic development, improve healthcare, education and public safety services, and conserve natural resources through smart farm and smart energy applications. Working together, we have become Smart Rural Communities!

Why is being a Smart Rural Community IMPORTANT for TCT’s service communities? More and more, people and businesses are using access to high quality broadband as a primary factor to decide where to locate their families and companies. TCT’s designated city’s will be able to leverage the Smart Rural Community distinction as a powerful recruitment tool to attract families who want a better quality of life for their children and businesses who understand the value of high quality broadband.

How will your community benefit from having the Smart Rural Community designation? Being chosen as a Smart Rural Community should bring a sense of pride to TCT’s exchange communities and help them understand that they have the tools to build a strong foundation for a successful future. For more information about Smart Rural Communities please contact Angie at TCT by emailing or calling 800.362.2576.

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