I get several calls a day regarding slow computers. In most cases, the computer has never had a clean up! Now you may think that a computer clean up is simply wiping off the monitor, tower, or laptop. Unfortunately, that will not do much for you.

Having a full computer clean up completed at least once a year will keep your computer running at optimal speed. With a clean up, there are multiple issues that are resolved.  Here are the top three steps of a successful computer clean up:

  • Clean the browsing history.
    Our first step is to go in and clean out the browsing history. This is important because your computer logs all of the websites you have visited. If these are not removed, anyone accessing your system can view your history.  By removing the history, your computer will not have to go through the previous webpages stored to compare for the most updated site. It will pull directly from the internet improving your overall speed!
  • Remove cookies and temporary files.
    Cookies remember your name, shopping habits, and other items of interest to outside groups. Temporary Internet files store a very large amount of files on a computer every time you access websites. Pictures, videos, sounds, and other identifying components are taking up large amounts of space on your hard drive.
  • Perform a backup.
    Another component of a PC cleanup is backing up files. A backup is a simple way to have peace of mind regarding the multiple files on your computer that you cherish. A clean up is a great time to make sure that you also have your computer backed up.

As you can tell, there is a lot involved in just doing a clean up on a computer.  If you would like to get this completed and do not have the expertise or time, TCT computer repair would be more than happy to take care of this for you.  Call us at 620-767-5153 and within days all issues will be resolved!